We are a family with a burning passion and desire to see men, women, youth and children all passionate about Messiah Jesus and filled with His Glory!  That they may know Him and the power of His resurrection!
At Bethel God first met Jacob and called him. Jacob called the place Beth-El meaning House of God, and today we are the temples of God. After many years of being away from his father’s house, upon returning now as a man with His family, Jacob was escorted by the angels of God who were guiding the company of peoples with Jacob back to Canaan. That night Jacob separated himself from everyone else and he encountered God there Face to Face and called the place Peniel. It was there that God changed His name from being Jacob meaning: he who supplants to Israel, one who struggles with God.  At Bethel God calls you and you become the temple of God, the house of God, at Peniel, God changes your destiny forever because like Jacob you have striven with God and prevailed. This is the generation [description] of those who seek Him [who inquire of and for Him and of necessity require Him], who seek Your face, [O God of] Jacob. (Psalm 24:6 Amplified Bible)

This generation of men and women, young and old are hungry and desperate like Jacob for change, and they will not stop at anything until they encounter the King of Glory and in the Glory of His presence they are transformed. This is a generation who are desperate and full of faith. They stop at nothing, they are “the violent who take the kingdom of God by force” (Matthew 11:12), the Jacobs who seek God today, it is of you God seekers that the Bible says in Romans 8:19. “the creation [all nature] waits eagerly for the revealing (the manifestation) of the sons of God."
Friends, God will encounter you! You will see the Glory of God in your lifetime, and you as well as the whole Earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the Glory of God. So prepare yourself for your own Bethel – Peniel experience because if you are willing it is not far away!

Passover week 2014, I had a dream about an angel wearing a robe with the Star of David and a cross in the center of it. My favorite preacher and God's chosen revelator of His home: Heaven Kat Kerr had preached a message about the copy cat and how the enemy stole some of God's symbols when he fell because he wanted to be like God. The Father took her to heaven and she had always seen entire tribes of angels adorned with the star of David on their robes and a huge star of David in God's throne room and she thought, "Oh God must really love the Jewish people." When the Father caught her up to heaven that day, a huge star of David appeared before them and the Father asked, "If I'm going to choose a people to be My people and representatives, whose symbol and inscription will I give them? So the Star of David is God's personal symbol, and the two triangles in the star mean: Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and spirit, soul and body (you and I = man) one together for eternity. My vision of the night took that one step further as I saw the angel carrying this symbol either on a robe or in something but it had a cross in the middle. The meaning of this revelation is: the Symbol of The Father or as we call it the star of David which is God's dream can only be realized through the cross of Jesus, so God and man will be one forever through the cross of calvary which stands empty, Hallelujah! Because our Lord is risen and enthroned with all power and authority in heaven and on earth. Our logo is called God's dream as explained above.

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