Welcome to Bethel Peniel, a place where adventures with Holy Spirit come to life through the word of God, divine revelation, and daily encounters with God and the Supernatural on earth as it is in heaven. 

Bethel Peniel is not a physical place or time, it is everywhere and anywhere. It is your encounter in the secret place with God where you are at. It is you hungering for God so desperately that until you hear from Him it hurts and your day is not complete. It is you becoming the sanctuary of His abiding Presence. It is the a place in the Spirit realm where you finally encounter with God and you live from above, from what comes from the Father's hand. Yes, you eat and drink from His hand because it comes from His heart. Bethel Peniel is you becoming one with God on earth like They are in Heaven.
"If you are a Christian then you ought to be living a supernatural life. If you are not then you are living defeat." "God sent His Son for you to live free from sin, and for you to live a supernatural life surrendered to God." "You can manipulate the natural with the supernatural, by decreeing God's kingdom has come and only His will is done in any and every situation."
Holy Spirit
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Now is the time for Salvation
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